‘Depraved and Vicious’ by Katrin Braga


  1. Alfonso

    This really sucks. Personally, I’m fed up with the pointless model videos with “wild” music and a “wild” new face pretending to scream at the camera. Useless effort, waste of broadband.

    My 0.02$

    • JimJones

      You really suck. Personally, I’m fed up with people getting all bent out of shape because someone created something that isn’t custom designed to their personal tastes. Useless comment, waste of broadband.
      How about instead of spending your obviously precious time and bandwidth denigrating stuff you don’t like, spend it praising work that you actually enjoy.

      My 0.02$

  2. Alfonso

    I assume you liked it (although I don’t read your opinion). It’s ok, everything will be denigrated or praised anyway. I understand not having the gear/tech means to do something, but come on…….

    And I criticised the video, not YOU. This is the problem with all the fashion blogs: everything must be praised. Fuck that

  3. Alfonso

    I say I don’t read your opinion because there’s no argumentation why you think this video is cool/nice/great/whatever: you are just attacking me instead, because you probably feel offended by an adverse opinion to your taste. In 2 coments you still didn’t give any argument.
    Also, I can reply to your last questions: why? because I want to; how? typing words.

    • JimJones

      Oh…so you meant although you didn’t give your opinion

      My opinion of the video is irrelevant I like it because it suits my personal tastes. You dislike it because it doesn’t suit your personal tastes. It’s as simple as that there is no argument or debate to be had. I was not attacking you, I was attacking the unnecessarily mean-spirited nature of your comment, and the fact that you seem to think that your subjective opinion is, in reality, an undeniable fact. Describing the video in a mocking tone, and saying it sucks and is useless is not a critique or an opinion that can be countered it’s an attack on the maker of the video and ,therefore, by implication anyone who likes the video. In my reply, my intent was to use the same words and tone you used to describe the video to describe your comment in hopes that you would see the provocative nature of your language. I am not offended by your adverse opinion, I’m offended (but not really) by the manner in which you chose to express that opinion.

      This really sucks (unnecessarily mean spirited declarative statement how am I supposed to respond – No it doesn’t) (a series of declarative statements how am I supposed to respond) Personally, I’m (not) fed up with the pointless (I disagree w/ that characterization) model videos with “wild” music and a “wild” new face (use of quotes suggests mocking or dismissive tone – how should I respond I like the music and think the girl is sexy) pretending to scream at the camera (yeah she does, but it doesn’t bother me) . Useless effort, waste of broadband (unnecessarily mean spirited declarative statement how should I respond – no it isn’t). There, I win! I have successfully refuted your opinion. Now it’s your turn, why don’t you just repeat what you’ve already said, but phrase it differently then you win. We can go on like this forever.

      This is exactly what happens anytime someone such as yourself decides to state their opinion in a mocking & unnecessarily mean spirited manner, which to me is fairly boring, so I chose to side step it and get into, what for me, is a more interesting argument. I don’t care about the video some will like some won’t, so what, who cares? It’s just video, but I find the fact that you are so annoyed/irritated by it’s existence that you felt the need to leave an angry comment on a blog much more interesting, but hey if you’d prefer a No it doesn’t, Yes it does argument I’m happy to oblige. No it doesn’t. Hah…I win again!

  4. Alfonso

    You won. Congrats.
    I read the first and last lines and fell asleep. I woke up and wrote this.

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